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Yes, all Wi-Safe2 devices are compatible with each other.

Not yet, however potentially in the future. We are eager to hear your feedback, so please share your use case with us now; send an email to and mention that it’s a feature request.

Yes! You can log into the FireAngel app from multiple devices.

Yes, the alarms will still function and interconnect without the FireAngel Pro Connected Gateway. If you do not add the gateway, though, you will not be able to use the FireAngel app.

We are working on a Z-Wave and a ZigBee module that will allow you to connect to the SmartThings hub, however, this is not yet available in Britain. We would, therefore, recommend the FireAngel Pro Connected Gateway so that you can see your alarms on your FireAngel app.

The alarms do not require any hub to function. The FireAngel Pro Connected Gateway adds the ability to see your alarms and any events on your FireAngel app.

Yes, every alarm network requires one gateway to send notifications to the app.

For example, you are looking to furnish your own home as well as that of your child who lives in the next town. To see both sets of alarms in your app, both properties would need a gateway. You would set up your home as your own network, then your child would add you as an alert contact to allow you to see their network.

The FireAngel Pro Connected Gateway must remain connected to your broadband router via the provided Ethernet cable as well as to power. This is so that it can continue to communicate any events to FireAngel HQ and then on to your FireAngel app. If the Ethernet or power cable is disconnected, the alarms will continue to alert those in the household, but no events will be sent to your app.

Not yet; integration with IFTTT is something that we are working on, however, we do not have an ETA at this time.

Once you have set up your gateway, hit the “Add Devices” button and follow the instructions.

Your app will show this once you have registered your gateway

There are two ways to tell your alarms apart.

The loud, quick way

Press the test button on each alarm, which will highlight that alarm in your app. This will, however, sound the alarms.

The quiet, slower way

Take the units off base one at a time, which will generate an off base notification. This can take about a minute to get through, but does not make noise.

You can have up to 50 devices in a Wi-Safe2 network, including your FireAngel Pro Connected Gateway.

Your firewall or router must;

  • accept traffic from the MAC of your gateway
  • open TCP ports
    • 5222
    • 8883
    • 443

There are many ways that a smoke alarm can be activated. This includes, but is not limited to,

  • burning the Sunday roast
  • spider crawling in a chamber
  • an actual fire

We recommend that you should act on every alert, as it might be a real fire. On receiving alerts, check the situation to judge if you need to call the emergency services, or not.

Only call 999 when you know there is an immediate danger to life. Your local Fire & Rescue Service will be able to provide further guidance on;

  • how to prepare for emergency situations
  • how to prevent them

We appreciate your awareness of Fire Safety; keeping yourself informed could help to keep your loved ones safe. Why not download our free fire evacuation guide now?

While both are radio frequency technologies, Wi-Safe2 is a dedicated mesh network technology that has been built by FireAngel specifically to support your safety-critical smoke, heat and Carbon Monoxide alarms. Your FireAngel devices will not interact with your WiFi network.

Take a look at our demo video!

The two apps are just built for different purposes. FireAngel Connect is designed for consumers such as yourself, while the other app is designed for organisations who want to offer monitoring services to their stakeholders.

We have Wi-Safe2 compatible models in various ranges across our catalogue. We always aim for continuous improvement, so the main difference with the Pro Connected range is that they use updated internal components for even better safety and reliability.

The FireAngel Pro Connected gateway needs to be powered and online so that it can transmit events to your app. If power outages are a concern, we would recommend investing in a good backup power solution.

It is important to note that your alarms will continue to keep you safe during a blackout, even if the app cannot see them. Always read the manual for further details.

If your app is asking for an activation code, you have downloaded our app which is for organisations, rather than individuals.

Download the correct app now.

Just to be clear, always discuss your requirements and your specific situation with your local building regulations office. They are in the best position to advise which type of alarms you require in your specific situation. 

With regards to our alarms, we would suggest a minimum of the following for best protection.

We are able to provide the FireAngel app on the current version of both iOS and Android, plus two previous versions. If your phone is older than this, it may not be compatible with the app, so try to install it before you buy.

For perspective, both Apple and Google only support the current version, plus three previous versions of iOS and Android respectively. If your device has an older version than is supported, it might be worth considering an upgrade for your own security.

The alarm regularly runs a series of self diagnostic check along the circuit, sensor and sounder. If it find any anomalies or fault, it will emit a chirp every 40 to 45 seconds. To request a replacement, please complete our Support Request Form, ensuring to include your,

  • Alarm model
  • Alarm batch number
  • Date of purchase
  • Retailer – where you purchased the alarm from
  • Full postal address

As Wi-Safe2 is a mesh network, all your devices will initially report that they can see all your devices. They will then work out who is who, and the duplicate unknown devices will settle down to correctly show your devices. This process can take up to 24 hours. Give it some time and it should be OK.

If you still see unknown devices after 24 hours, please email for further assistance.

For additional assistance, please email

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