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Peace of mind for you and your loved ones

With enhanced patented technology and features which make your life easier, you can rest assured, knowing that your home and family are protected.

FireAngel App

Complete control from your mobile

Add a FireAngel Gateway to benefit from instant alerts and alarm testing via the free FireAngel App - you can even give your family access to the notifications for complete protection.


Simple installation & operation

We’ve included clear manuals with each product, videos to support interlinking your alarms and a wealth of support on the FireAngel Connect App to make installation easy.

Wireless Interlink

When one alarm sounds they all sound

When wirelessly interconnected the alarms will raise the alert in unison, this means if a fire starts in a remote area you’ll be alerted instantly across the home.

FireAngel Pro Connected Range

The FireAngel Pro Connected Range – Smoke, heat and carbon monoxide alarms which wirelessly interconnect to protect your whole home. With multiple network options, sleek designs and the option of an app to control your alarms remotely, the FireAngel Pro Connected alarm range offers the highest level of fire and carbon monoxide safety for every family.

Protect your loved ones now.


Need help?

We are dedicated to ensuring a high standard of customer service, if you need help with set-up or want to know more information about our connected product range get in touch.